Cops Warn Of Amazon Scam

Mount Horeb police are advising citizens to be aware of a potential scam involving Amazon that is making its way around the community. In this instance a phone call is received from an unknown number, with the caller indicating a potential incorrect Amazon transaction. The caller says that a charge was mistakenly made on the potential victim’s credit card by Amazon. The caller then requests to verify the credit card number by providing it so they can look into the transaction.

“In reality there was no Amazon transaction and the caller now has your credit card info,” said Lieutenant Nate Gretzinger. “These callers also could ask for your amazon log-in info as well which could give them access to make purchases on your account. If you think the call is a scam you should contact your card company to determine if there indeed were charges on your account or contact Amazon directly. You should always be aware of who you are talking to before giving out any credit card or personal info.”






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