• Photo by Matt Geiger.

    Local sheep get a trim just in time for the year’s first heat wave
    Joe Huber sheered 70 sheep and nine llamas and alpacas on Saturday at Havens Petting Zoo in Blue Mounds. Huber, who resides in Wisconsin Dells, has sheered professionally for 43 years and earned nine state championships over the course of 11 years, as well a National Junior Championship back in... Continue Reading
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    This week’s edition marks the beginning of a special series in the Mount Horeb Mail. In the coming weeks and months, we will shine a spotlight on an array of local artists. Some paint. Some sculpt. Some take photographs or work in digital media. All are vibrant and vital threads in the rich... Continue Reading


Sen. Marklein. 

Physicists have sometimes said that if you think you understand string theory, you probably don’t understand string theory. The fabric of the... Continue Reading
Newcomers Sarah Sarbacker and Tom Schlimgen both earned seats on the Mount Horeb Area School District Board of Education in the April 2 election,... Continue Reading
“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” ― Don Herold This time, it’s personal. Embryo Solutions founder Alena Wright, a native of Belarus who... Continue Reading

More News

  • Recording studio will open at former Christmas Shop
    It began with a song, and a kiss in a parking lot, and now Paul Schluter and Elizabeth Mary’s story continues in a former Christmas shop in downtown... Continue Reading
  • Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers visited Mount Horeb’s Intermediate Center Friday, spending time with students in multiple classes before heading to the... Continue Reading
  • Julio Diaz, an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighter in Mount Horeb (right) speaks to University of Wisconsin students Maisha Islam and Julia Schultz. Photo by Matt Geiger.

    Pilot program looks to improve local emergency care
    An experimental new program based out of Mount Horeb is striving to help improve health outcomes for rural people, bolster Emergency Medical Service... Continue Reading
  • Man arrested for Tollway Liquor smash & grab
    When Mount Horeb Police learned on February 17 that a liquor store had been broken into in a nearby community, they sent an officer to check on... Continue Reading
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