26 Momentous Mount Horeb Moments Featured in Editor's Photo Show

Images on display now at the Driftless Historium

“0.026 Seconds: The Magnitude of Small Moments” features 26 photographs—representing a literal 0.026 seconds—taken by Matt Geiger over the course of his eight-year tenure as Editor of the Mount Horeb Mail. This exhibit is now showing through Sunday, May 16, 2021 in the Driftless Historium’s awning-sheltered, outdoor accessible Walk-up Gallery (100 S 2nd St).

Author and Journalist Matt Geiger, who has no formal training in photography and prefers his cell phone camera specifically because its unassuming presence captures the authentic, recognizes the power of imagery as narrative. This assortment of photos, plucked by Geiger from some 100,000+ snapped on the job, “tell some of [his] favorite stories.”  Even tiny  moments, he writes, have “the potential to contain immense, stunning meaning.”

Geiger has worked for News Publishing Co. for 16 years, serving as the Mount Horeb Mail’s editor since 2013. He is also the executive editor for the Star News, the Times-Tribune, the Home News, the Independent and the Post Messenger Recorder

He was born in Maine, raised on a farm in Massachusetts and studied in Florida, but has deep roots in Wisconsin. Geiger moved here nearly 20 years ago and has resided in Mount Horeb for more than a decade. He is the author of numerous magazine, radio and newspaper articles and stories, as well as two books. His work has the distinction of receiving eleven Wisconsin Newspaper Association awards and a Midwest book award.

Join Matt on Thursday, April 29 at 6:30 p.m. for a virtual discussion of the place of photography in his weekly efforts to capture the breaking news and community life of the small Midwestern town he now calls home.

Visit the Driftless Historium website and search “Small Moments” to access a companion virtual gallery, the story behind each featured photo and, fittingly, an editorial by Geiger on the significance behind these snapshots in time. For more information or to register for April 29th’s online conversation, call 608-437-6486 or email mthorebhistory@mhtc.net.


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